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If you've never had a Trytko’s Kielbasa then you’re really missing out on something special!

For nearly 100 years the Trytko family has been producing some of the most delicious Kielbasa and custom smoked meats that you’ll ever try. Four generations of Kielbasa making have drawn people from all over the country. Trytko’s homemade specialties range from small link size to jumbo party size rings. Being mildly seasoned and very lean with no fillers or binders just 100% pure meat and spices, has made Tyrtko’s Kielbasa a Valley favorite for years.

In 1998 Trytko’s Market and Big E’s Supermarket joined teams to bring you the very best selection of kielbasa and custom smoked meats. Trytko’s meats are produced locally at Big E’s Supermarket from only the finest natural ingredients. You deserve the best and that’s what we offer, only the best. So make sure to stop in and check out our extensive selection of custom smoked meats, we promise you won’t be disappointed.